Baan Phimphakan - A Thai village residence

If you would like to experience some different aspects of Thai life, away from the city and other tourists, come and stay with us. We are in a village just 10km south of the city, in the countryside. There is plenty to see and much for you to discover about real-life Thailand.

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Long term residential service
A simple, low-cost way to stay

Minimum Term: 3 months (One month only +300 baht) | Deposit : 2,000 baht | Payment monthly in advance
Includes WiFi and/or LAN cable internet | Excludes utilities (electricity and water)
Air-con uplift: +400 | Refrigerator: +50 | TV: +50

Standard Room Standard +
Standard/Shop +
Large +
Twin Room
Large Chalet
1,500 baht 1,700 baht 1,900 baht 1,900 baht 2,200 baht 2,300 baht
18th Aug 2022 TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA

Residence regulations
Please call or e-mail for more details.

In operation since 1st May 2007.